Consumer data is the main ingredient for digital marketing personalization to create relevancy and increase conversions.

  • It is a top priority for marketing as it increases key metrics impacting revenue, but also establishes a higher bar for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Our platform is technology and data agnostic simplifying your access to consumer data by integrating with existing marketing tools. Reduce your total cost of ownership By eliminating development, integration, and maintenance support costs.

    We are the trusted and agnostic clearinghouse for consumer targeting data. This provides confidence to all parties, including consumers, marketers, developers, platforms, and data providers.

    For Consumers

    Discover your digital footprint. You have an online digital profile. Everywhere you go online, you leave behind a digital footprint. Do you want to know the data that marketers have about you?

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    For Developers

    Spend less time on infrastructure and more time on developing desired functionality to increase your key metrics. Let us integrate and support your direct feed to all your marketing tools.

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