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Diggen helps marketers gain easier access to consumer data enabling them to understand their audience, create more relevant and impactful marketing campaigns, and personalize their website and mobile app.

  • By bridging the gap between consumer data sources and various marketing platforms, marketers will have an essential ingredient to drive the end user experience and key business metrics, such as engagement and conversion. This also sets a new precedent for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Our platform is technology and data agnostic simplifying your access to consumer data by integrating with existing marketing tools. Whether the data source is an external provider, internal database, or directly from the consumer.

  • Our solution dramatically reduces your total cost of ownership by eliminating development, integration, and maintenance support costs. This delivers the consumer data you need to improve your marketing efforts and drive the success of your business.




    For Marketers

    Spend less time on infrastructure and more time on developing desired functionality to increase your key metrics. Let us integrate and support your direct feed to all your marketing tools.

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